Promote Positive Outcomes with Children and Young People

Topics: Disability, Developmental disability, Disability rights movement Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Social, economic and cultural factors that effect development

The social factors that can affect the way in which a child or young person develop are firstly peoples views within society especially for disabled people they are pre judges and discriminated against because of their disability because of this they are being marginalised from society and excluded from such things like social events. Young person that are in the care system can be affected as they are not having consistency within their life at any one time. Other social factors can be poor social skills such as bad reading or writing especially if these skills are not identified as young person needing help young person will not develop to their full potential. attitudes to others is a social skill that can affect young person achieving this can be a result of other family members with disability or for young person who have come from bad backgrounds i.e domestic violence or drug use.

Economic factors that could affect the way in which young person and young people develop is poverty, many families who have good stable homes are suffering with the economy and it is hard for people to lead healthy life’s and afford good housing accommodation, healthy foods and good health. Other factors could be injustice.

Cultural factors that affect young people and young person could be the attitude of their parents this is not always the case but in some families with strong religious beliefs it is hard for them to do things outside the family home. This can result in lack of social development.

Disability can impact on the life of a child firstly because of discrimination. within society young person get discrimianted against because there disability this could be by not been included within groups of young person because of their disability. this happens often in society because young people or young person do not understand what disability is at a young age.

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