The Flaws of Democracy

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Explain two challenges faced by a system of government. Which do you think is more important? Explain your answer. Among the many forms of government in the world, democracy has gradually gained traction over the years as a generally effective and ideal method of governance, due to its widespread usage in the relatively well developed and influential western world. As a result of this, many of the fundamental flaws of democracy are easily ignored or glanced over, making democracy an ideal candidate for this essay. It is my belief that the two largest flaws of democracy are that of its exploitability, and its propensity for polarization. The exploitability of democracy stems from the vastly divided power over the government that is given to the people of a state. The problem that exists here is that while a government is created to take care of the greater needs of a society, the people of the society tend to be more concerned about their own private desires and benefits. While it is arguable that the private desires of the people are balanced by the fact that the mandate of an elected government is validated by the needs of all the people, hence allowing the government to create policies that care for all of society, such an argument is based on the assumption that the private desires of the people are generally reasonable. The reality, however, is that the people, being relatively short-sighted in comparison to the government, are unpredictable, and tend to want more than what is reasonable. While this is normally countered by appropriate government intervention to direct the desires of the people, it is at times more popular for a government to relax such regulations, and allow for relatively short-sighted policies. Such a scenario is clearly reflected in the 2008 economic crisis of the United States of America, and more recently, that of the European Union. In both cases, the economic crisis was derived from overspending and borrowing by companies and...
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