Filibusters Research Paper

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  • Published : April 3, 2012
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Keep them or get rid of them|

Political Science 102
This paper is about if filibusters should be kept or not kept. I show all sides of the issues and show what I think is the best possible answer. |


Every day in the United States laws are put onto the table to see if they will either be approved or disapproved. They go through quite a battle and if they are approved it shows they have reached the biggest goal there is for a law, being enforced. It takes a lot for everyone to pass and say ok to a new law. The Research question I am going to discuss and give farther details on is if U.S. Senate should change its rules so that senators will no longer be allowed to filibuster. I will discuss and show all the different points and ideas on this story so everyone gets the idea of what will happen either way. This is a very important research question because filibusters are very important. When a senator does not want a bill to go through to get voted on he or she will hold a filibuster to try to stop the process. Many of times the senator will do whatever it takes so a law cannot get passed even if this means talking about nothing that has to do with the bill. If they do not allow filibusters to happen anymore this could become quite interesting many bills may make it through in record time. I am not saying by not having filibusters means every bill will be passed I am just saying the process may speed up the process quite a bit because there will not be any road blocks. By not having filibusters it may also cause a stir in the public because they will support a certain candidate and tell them to cause a filibuster because the new law messing with an item they back. Filibusters being around are a very important question because it affects our laws and the government. These two items do affect us daily even if we do not know it and it is important to understand if we do not have filibusters what it can do to the government and we need to know by keeping them what it can do to it. Possible Arguments

When looking at the issue of filibusters there are many different possible arguments or solutions to the issue. In this section of my paper I am going to look at the different possibilities that could be put in place that could cause happiness or angriness, because when it comes to filibusters I have found that many people are either on one side or the other and not in between.

The first possible argument is that filibusters are not needed. Why are filibusters not needed? Many different people that find filibusters to be dumb or not needed are those that really do not understand how they work. Filibusters can work for your benefit if you chose to not support a certain law or bill. The Senator stands up and keeps the voting from happening on the chosen law or bill. This can cause it to not be voted on for many hours, days, months, and maybe even years in some extreme cases. You must learn what is going on and what it is doing before getting rid of something completely.

The next argument that is usually presented would be the ability of the senators talking about whatever they want in a filibuster period. There are no rules about what they have to talk about. For instance many people became outraged when a senator started a filibuster and talked about fishing, his family, and more items not pertaining to the law or bill. What is the purpose of having the filibuster if someone is not even going to talk about something that has to do with bill is what many people say. I find this to be silly myself but it really does not say what you are supposed to talk about during the filibuster. There are some senators that when they hold a filibuster they do talk about the law or bill they are getting ready to vote on. Depending on if the senator wants the bill or law not to pass they may try to make the others change their minds and join his or her side. Once they get...
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