The Fifth Child

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The Fifth Child

The story of the Lovatt’s family begins in England, at the end of the 60’s and their problems begin when their fifth child was born, he was a trouble maker and how their perfect life went from being almost perfect to a total hell. The characters of the story are; David, the father, son of divorced parents that never gave him the attention he needed, making him go through a lot of sadness. When he was a little kid, David had a bedroom on every house he would stayed, but his favorite bedroom was the one he had at his mom house and that’s just how he wanted his future house to be like. Harriet (the mother), in the other hand, had a pretty good childhood, a home and a united family, she was a good student and her parents teach her that a family life it was a happy life. A very important character in the story is Dorothy’s character, Harriet’s mom, a woman always available to help her family. As the story goes on, Harriet and David start having kids; the first one is Luke, followed by Helen, Jane, Paul and finishing with Ben, the main character of the story. In the short period of time, in which David and Harriet had of knowing each other, they decide to start a family and have babies like all the other couples do. You can notice that their relationship it’s going in the right direction by them two showing good communication, a lot of trust towards each other, making the good decisions and the idea of become parents it’s not a problem for either of them. Their life it’s like they had always dream of, except for some problems in Harriet’s pregnancy (nothing dangerous) and having to go to James (David’s dad) to ask for some money, because while the family was getting bigger so do their expenses and they couldn’t make it with David’s salary; for the rest, they lived in a pretty big house, where they could have family reunions in the holydays like Christmas or spring break, and they would have a good time together. Their house was located just outside London, because they couldn’t have that type of houses in the capital. Their lives started changing when Ben (the fifth child) was born. The bad times began before Harriet gave birth, because Ben would give her strong kicks, he would provoke pain in her stomach that she had to take medication for it and they were changing her mood. Harriet wanted with all her soul that the baby came out already so that she could fell better, but she didn’t knew that the worst part hadn’t started yet. Ben, since he was little, started giving his parents a lot of problems and threatens to destroy this great family they had. They would have problems by him eating a lot, being loud, growled, etc… they started noticing that he wasn’t a normal kid. The arrival of a child with difficulties is an exceptional and stressful because it’s a change in which the family has to adapt through a series of strategies and social resources. This poses a threat to the family unit since it is a hard and difficult to change, big stressor. For the family, despite enjoying a super family environment makes them move impossible with this new situation in their lives. It was a very strong, anti-social boy, with characteristics of autism and that would broke everything that was in its road, once even was near to be thrown for the window. Ben was influencing seriously in the relation of Harriet and David that already practically neither they spoke, they had sex, etc. Also in the relation with the remainder of the family, since the presence of Ben disturbed, they stopped going all on holiday and they passed less time at home of David and Harriet, and that was what made them and the kids happy. As desperate measure and upon not seeing solution to the situation, they decide to sign Ben in an institution so that they would take charge of him. With Ben absence, seems that all returns to the normality at home of the Lovatts, the children were very happy and David was especially delicate with Harriet....
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