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Topics: Love, American films, Short story Pages: 3 (1171 words) Published: February 22, 2011
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The Fence – Richard Rosenbaum
In Richard Rosenbaum’s short story, “The Fence”, the main character is a woman named Carrie Durning, a divorced mother with a daughter, Andrea, whom she loves dearly, and a dog, Iggy, “the Golden Retriever”, whom she adores. Throughout the story, there is much emphasis placed on the importance of a child having a pet in their life, as the father in the story, Mark, believes that having one allows for a child to learn to love and be loved, and to avoid developing a fear of intimacy; a problem which has negatively impacted his life and played a huge part in his divorce with Carrie. So since owning a pet was believed to be important to them, taking care of its every need was essential as well. Their pet dog, Iggy, must be walked every morning to stay as healthy as it is, without any disruptions. Carrie’s love for her daughter was great, which led to a great care in the well-being of Iggy; since he was a vital piece in her daughter’s development. The story revolves around a certain park which Carrie walks Iggy every morning around 6:00 am before she has to attend work. The central problem in the story is that, one day, there is a caged fence blocking the entrance to the park. To Carrie, this fence acts as a barrier to getting what she wants; a daughter who has a healthy upbringing with the help of a companion in Iggy. Failure to get into the park meant that Iggy’s daily schedule would be disrupted, and this, in turn, would result in the negative effect on Andrea’s development. She believed that Andy needed Iggy or she would be forever stunted and incomplete. Since this park, which she has been attending for a while to walk Iggy, is now blocked, all of this is putting Carrie in a state of panic due to her love for her daughter. The tone is mostly serious and dramatic throughout the story as the majority of the story is an explanation of her encounter with the fence that caused her all sorts of emotions...
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