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Topics: Meaning of life, Major League Baseball, American football Pages: 3 (1250 words) Published: May 13, 2013
English 2 CP
June 3, 2012
When Life Swings At You, You’ve Got To Swing Harder
Troy Maxson was a man who chose to live on his past; do you think he should have let the past go? Do you think it would’ve made a better future for his family?
The play written By August Wilson begins in 1957. Troy Maxson (The Protagonist) and His best friend Jim Bono share many stories and drink a bottle of whiskey after work on a Friday night. Rose Troy’s Wife, lets Troy know that their son Cory is being recruited to play college football. Troy does not like the idea one bit because he was once a big star in the Negro Leagues of baseball but the color barriers in the Major Leagues didn’t allow Troy, which broke his heart. He didn’t see a future for Cory in any sports. Troy’s oldest son Lyons then stops by to borrow money from him; Troy hates the fact that his son is a struggling musician, but he does like that he is his own man and finding his purpose in life. The next day Troy and Rose get into a quarrel about the laziness of their son Cory, but Rose avoids the argument and tells Troy that he is gone to football practice. Troy’s brother Gabriel Maxson visits, He suffers a severe Head injury from World War II. He now believes he is Angel Gabriel and he carries a trumpet around his neck to blow and open the gates of heaven. Gabe recently move out of Troy’s House and gets his own apartment, we soon find out that Troy bought his house with Gabe’s disability money. Later that day Cory returns from practice and Rose warns him that Troy is very angry with him for not helping him build the fence; Troy later asks about the scholarship and his job at the A&P. Troy Demands that Cory must quit the team and get his job back at the store. Weeks later when Troy and Bono are telling Troy’s life story and how they met in prison when Troy was in for 15 years; Cory comes home furious because his coach told him he couldn’t play anymore and he knows it was because his father told his coach he...
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