The Fault in Our Stars Reflective Response

Topics: Emotion, Idea, Psychology Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: November 9, 2012
The Fault in our Stars Reflective Response
People have a wide range of philosophies and beliefs on how they should live their lives. The anticipated approach in which they should confront their fears, their challenges, and their daily decisions varies greatly from the true outcomes. Many people are hopefully to become the idea of greatness they envision and Gus being a romantically oriented person obsessed over the idea of becoming Hazel’s knight in shining armor. Learning of his impending death put him in the same position as Hazel. He could now understand the psychological effects of living life on the true edge, not knowing what the next day will bring for yourself or those around you. In his letter, Gus takes on a tone of disparity due to his realization of human inconsistencies. He understands the conflicting ideas of human emotion and the truthful brutality of reality. Being split between his own hopes of leaving a mark and his acceptance that “like doctors say: First, do no harm” (312) Gus accepts the outcomes with reservation. Due to the relationship and emotional attachment between Gus and Hazel, Hazel’s beliefs create a slight bias that has great effect on giving of living on the edge he now sees the world as Hazel views it. Gus now is split between his own ideas of romanticism, which is apparent when he continues to bring up true heroism, yet his situation directs him towards the true analytical understanding of the world. In a final attempt to do what matters Gus’ true nature of romanticism emerges. Though his mind is convinced to accept that the less the splash the better he clearly wants to make that impression deep down. For Hazel he attempts to continue her vision of him being her knight in shining armor by showing her even after death he is there to love her. Gus is the true example of internal conflict in a male’s mind. The rationality and emotional connections to values become entangled and confused. As all humans in a period of crisis they...
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