Conflict in Rule of the Bone

Topics: Conflict, Need, Crime Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: July 15, 2012
The main internal conflict is between Chappie and himself. Chappie wants to become a productive member of society and to progress; however, his instincts and lack of self-esteem hold him back from attaining his goal. He wanted to get off of the streets and return to his home by surprising his mother with a gift, but when confronted with authority and society’s disapproval of his actions, he replaces his hopes with negative attitudes, gives up and deems his dreams as unattainable. “… there was no way now she’d let me come home again. So I didn’t even try” (15). This shows his lack of will power to change after the failed incident in which he got caught shoplifting a gift for his mother. In addition, he is uncertain of what is right and what is wrong. Would it be right to steal in order to fix a broken relationship? He debates within himself if some criminal actions would be acceptable under his circumstances. Half of his being wants to be a ‘good guy’, but the other half is telling him that he need not be nice to a world that has done nothing but given him hardship.

2. The main external conflict is Chappie against society. Chappie would like to become a progressive member and contribute towards society, however, society itself posses great obstacles that Chappie is sometimes unprepared to overcome. Society seems to be working against him at full force by denying him access to true help, and instead, placing him in situations in which his criminal mentality is needed for his survival. He was first opposed by society in the form of his father’s abandonment. After, Chappie was opposed in the form of his stepfather’s sexual abuse. Next, society opposed him in the form of his depression and inability to express the abuse he had undergone to his mother, who just happens to adore his stepfather. Finally, all the opposition by society led to Chappie’s drug use, and abuse, which resulted in his homelessness, desperation and criminality. For every attempt Chappie...
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