The Fall of the Mongolian Empire

Topics: Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, Yuan Dynasty Pages: 5 (1704 words) Published: May 10, 2013
The largest land empire in the world belongs to the Mongolian empire. A small nation that was able to pull together under one ruler and stretch its borders from the Pacific Ocean to the western borders of Europe. Such speed and success of their conquests have largely gone unappreciated considering how they conquered more land in twenty five years than the Romans did in four-hundred. The Mongolians can be accredited with founding such countries as Russia and Korea, and creating international law. With all this power though, Mongolia was quick to fall. Creating a country so big that they couldn’t keep it together longer than two hundred years. The fall lies in their Hostile neighbours, and their need to take over countries that want nothing to do with the Mongolian empire. The Black Plague that swept across their nation. And most importantly the fall lies in their political ineptitude and inability to distribute power properly throughout their nation. The Mongolians took on a whole new approach to conquering their enemies and how they treated them. They had vicious tendencies backed with an open mind and willingness to learn from and help those who they captured. The Mongolian Empire was an Empire unlike any before, and any after. Their downfall came much too quickly for an empire that should have lasted four times that of the Roman Empire.

Before the Mongolians had conquered Asia they were simple farmer communities spread thin over Mongolia, whose main activities were horseback riding and practising their archery. Genghis Khan however changed this all when he saw that his purpose in life was to conquer world. By age twenty Genghis Khan had his wife stolen from him by a rival tribe of Mongolians. Through political manipulation he was able to unite all the tribes in Mongolia to defeat the rival tribe and win back his wife. Now with one unified Mongolia Genghis Khan had an entire army of loyal soldiers under his control. Being a wise man, Genghis understood that the mighty China would not stand to have such a powerful nation as their neighbour. He knew that once word spread of them, China would attack. So he took his entire army before China could even move and invaded them, working his way to the capital of Beijing. Once he reached their walls Genghis had no way to attack. So he performed a blockade taking all the food that was meant to go to the city. Being in no rush Genghis waited outside the walls eating supplies and taking on scientists from Beijing with open arms, learning all about how to make siege weapons. After a month, starvation was taking its toll on the people and Genghis Khan had no problem taking over the city. From there, Genghis Khan went on easily taking over the rest of Asia using fear and brute strength. Even after his death expansion continued, engulfing land westward until they hit Europe, Eastward to Korea, and South all the way to Vietnam. Genghis Khan was a great leader that inspired all who followed him. Under him all were obedient and willing to join in the Mongolian commune that was so prosperous. After his death however none were able to strike up the same amount of passion, or able to make Mongolia one sound nation. Political ineptitude plagued Mongolia leading to its downfall. Kublai Khan had worked hard to rid his nation of corrupt government, but soon after his death it came back strong and weakened the entire nations trust in their leaders. Corruption on a local level added hardships to millions of ordinary Chinese people with crushing taxes that weren’t being used to help out the Empire. The Yuan dynasty was never fully accepted, and the corrupt government fueled the anger for the rebellious Ming Dynasty that came from the ashes of the weak and beaten Chines workers. Kublai’s seizure of power and his humiliation of his brother divided the family Genghis Khan, and shattered the unity of the Mongol Empire. Kublai Khan the grandson of Genghis Khan took over power of the title of great...
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