The Factors That Predict the Frequency of Activities Developing Student's Listening Comprehension Skills

Topics: Regression analysis, Learning, Linear regression Pages: 6 (1642 words) Published: December 10, 2012
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Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 46 (2012) 5219 – 5224

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The factors that predict the frequency of activities developing Safiye Bilican a *, Omer Kutlu b, Ozen Yildirim c
a Faculty bFaculty

of Educational Sciences, Ankara University, Ankara, 06540, Turkey of Educational Sciences, Ankara University, Ankara, 06540, Turkey c Faculty of Educational Sciences, Ankara University, Ankara, 06540, Turkey

Abstract L is not adequately developed in the world and this is a fact that is faced in every aspect of our daily lives. Bearing in mind that listening in developing such skills becomes significantly apparent. From this perspective, leading and directing the activities that will develop listening comprehension skills is only possible by determining the factors that affect them. The aim of this study is to determine the factors that predict frequency of activities developing Participants of this study carried out with 281 elementary 5 th reading texts in classroom, giving homework related with reading texts, giving free reading time to students and the frequency of Keywords: Listening comprehension skills, Developing activities of listening comprehension, Multiple regression;

1. Introduction Language is one of the most significant factors which provide communication between people. The ability to provide a clear communication requires good language skills. Four essential skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) can be discussed in language skills development. It depends on the development of these four essential skills integrally for the individuals to communicate in an accurate, clear and effective manner. When the language is discussed from the perspective of comprehension and expression which include the four skills, activities related to comprehension are reading and listening; and activities related to expression are speaking and writing (Sever, 1998). Language skills are not independent from each other, although they are explained from different aspects. For development in vocabulary, understanding and comprehension skills. Listening is a significant activity while we give meaning to the facts happening around (Rost, 1994). Listening as and listening as These definitions demonstrate that listening is an active process which involves a comprehension

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1877-0428 © 2012 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Selection and/or peer review under responsibility of Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Uzunboylu doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2012.06.413


Safiye Bilican et al. / Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 46 (2012) 5219 – 5224

skill. Comprehension process involves knowledge, using experience, thinking and learning; therefore, listening comprehension involves a complex whole of intellectual activity. Listening is an important skill which provides individual to use its communication skills and to interpret listening , 2007). Listening is the shortest and the most used way inputs accurately in both educational and daily life and acquiring info environment and the world and adaptation to the social environment, because listening plays a significant role in social life, especially in the transfer of information. As a social being, people always need to communicate with other people and they use their listening skills while doing this. Any situation which affects the usage of this skill negatively causes problems between people. Accordingly, listening is also a significant skill in school life of the individuals. Classroom learning significantly depends on listening comprehension activities. Therefore listening comprehension skills plays an important role in many courses in the learning process. It is also doubtful for a student to succeed in school life who does not understand what s/he listens, cannot explain his/her feelings and thoughts in written or verbal language accurately, ve...
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