The Experience of Swimming

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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The Experience of Swimming
What is Swimming? Swimming is a sport or activity of moving one’s body through water. I will be writing about my experiences of swimming, good and bad. Personally, I love swimming because I love being in the water. I started swimming when I was 6 years old. And at first I thought that swimming was a scary thing to do, but it was a fun experience. First, I’m going to tell you about my bad experience about swimming. When I was about 4 years old; and it was the time that I didn’t know how to swim. So a kid who was being a jerk pushed me into a pool. When falling into the pool, the water pushed me down from all sides. Like splashing around for no reason; though it looked like I’m having trouble. In the water, pushing up, down, left and right as nothing made any sense to me. The more I struggled, the more I get disoriented as I pushed myself up with my arms and legs. As I couldn’t find leverage, I was slowing going under into the deep blue. My lungs burned for more air as my ears shocks and numbs. As how it felt that I tried to keep the air in me, it burst out of my mouth as bubbles reaching up the surface of the pool. My face was looking up; gasping for air. Not knowing what would happen next, everything around me just turned black. Complete utter darkness with no sound at all. But then again, there was a light coming towards to me. It wants me to come back. Through my unconscious state, I went there and woke up: coughing out water from the concrete floor. As I opened my eyes, it was blurry and I could hear again. Hearing my parents’ cry and also the other kid’s parents shouting at him. For what he did wrong, he was also crying. As for the person who had saved me from the pool of darkness, was my cousin. She just got back home from school and noticed that I was at the pool. So she just quickly ran to the pool, threw her backpack and took off her shoes to dive in and get me out quickly. Thanks to her, I was brought back alive but fear of...
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