The Existence of Nuclear Families

Topics: Family, Nuclear family, Mother Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 20, 2013

As countries develop, their population starts to live individually or the very small family units. In your opinion, why is this and what are the effects on society? Word count: 446
Timing: 7 minutes
- Open thinking and enjoy freedom
- Focus on economic target
- Family conflicts
- Easy to teach children
- Be affected western culture
- Have little land to afford bigger families
- Self-centered and selfish
- Lose cultural identity
- Be involved in social evils
- Liberate people from old unhealthy value
- Avoid family conflicts
- Gain more autonomy and focus on educating children more effectively - Individuals become more independent

Some people think that the existence of nuclear family is conducive to economic development of countries while others prefer the old-fashioned way- extended family. My essay will discuss causes and effects of smaller-unit family type on our entire society. Smaller unit family in the modern world is defined into several kinds from nuclear, single mother, single father, single or even widow ones. It is believed that as a consequence of being bread-winners of big family, husbands or wives felt overloaded and stressed. Hence, they look for an outlet that is to live in a family in which they can have more control and less economic responsibility. The old day example did show that a man was in charge of raising his children, parents, grand-parents and other relatives, culminating in his feeling of fatigue and even worse domestic violence. In addition, as the western culture grows more prevalent these days, people are imbued with the idea of respecting individualism instead of collectivism. For this reason, a smaller unit of family is preferable. Children, thanks to this, receive better attention from parents while parents are less burdened with mountains of responsibilities. With less land available to afford big groups of people, it is inevitable that people...
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