The Evolution of Sony Playstation

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The Evolution Of Sony PlayStation

The gaming industry at one time mocked, know a steady increasing industry. Just think it all started from a man named Ralph Bear. Mr. Bear released Magnavox Odyssey in 1972, unlike conventional systems today it was powered by batteries. One of their mistakes was misleading consumers into believing that the Odyssey would only on Magnavox televisions. It did, however, prove that consoles for the home could be designed. He list goes on from Atari Pong, Magnavox Odyssey 100, Magnavox Odyssey 200, Atari Super Pong, Wonder Wizard 7702, Coleco Telstar, Coleco Telstar Classic, Magnavox Odyssey 300, Magnavox Odyssey 400, Magnavox Odyssey 500, Fairchild channel F, Rca Studio 2, and the list goes on to present day. It was 1995 when Nintendo asked Sony to develop a Cd- Rom add- on called “PlayStation” for the SNES. Because Sony wanted 25% of all profits Nintendo earned from sales of this PlayStation and all PlayStation games, after Sony revealed that they were developing it, Nintendo instead went to Phillips. This caused Sony to consider abandoning their research, however instead they used what they had developed so far and made it into a full blown console. The PlayStation launched in the USA on September 9, 1995. In America, Sony enjoyed a very successful launch with titles of almost every genre including Toshinden, Twisted Metal, Warhawk, and Ridge Racer. Almost all of Sony’s and Namco’s launch titles went on to produce numerous sequels.

Sony then released PlayStation One September 2000. This was a remake of PlayStation created in early 1996. In response to complaints that PlayStations were overheating. Sony still was on the move. On a difficult start only a few million users obtained by the end of 2000 due to manufacturing delays for the new PlayStation 2. The PlayStation was such a hot item after its release that it was near impossible to find one on retailer shelves, leaving those wanting a PlayStation 2 to either wait or purchase...
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