The Evolution of Mass Media

Topics: Word, Language, Root Pages: 5 (1502 words) Published: May 30, 2013
An Report of the Interaction of
English Teaching

Registration Number: 1801100513
Class: E1005

Subject: Smart Cars (unit 2, part 2 reading)
Object: freshmen from the School of Mechanics
Class Size: 73 (66 males and 7 females)

The Beginning of Class
Actually it was kind of reviewing lesson, the teacher started with raising questions about language points learned in the last class. At the meanwhile, there was a PPT on the screen giving visual hint for student.

During this part of class, only few students sitting in the front replied to the question, it was kind of inactive. Teacher would give them some hint to inspire their memory by saying “you had learned that in para.2” “it is in the line 5 of this text” “which I emphasized in last class”. By saying all these, more students joined in. Then, the teacher raised some question about grammar or translation by making a roll call. Maybe some students were just out of class when they heard their names, the response was slowness. Rarely had a student to be volunteer. From some aspects, maybe it was sort of teacher’s failure on attracting students’ attention. As for the students who answered in this class, their pronunciation, structure of sentence,voice were not ok at all even with the inspiration given by the teacher. I was wondering why they even couldn’t speak out loudly as a man, was that so-called lack of confidence? So by what means could a teacher avoid this problem and make student speak out, I didn’t find out in this class. What this teacher had done was just waiting until they squeezed out a word.

The Second Part of the Class
After reviewing, the teacher guided students to do excises about vocabulary on book. During this period, the teacher not only made students to come out the answer by leading question, but also told them some exam-oriented strategies through her own experience. In additional, teacher and students made an association by the same experience. It was good for making students focus on and arousing their thinking of the rules of English. It seems that the teacher holds the “interactional view of language” according to what she did in this lesson. According to Richards (1986), in the “interactional view of language”, language is “a vehicle for the realization of interpersonal relations and for the performance of social transactions between individuals”. In this view, EFL teachers not only focus on the structure and function of language but also what students may personally experience in the cognitive, social & affective process of language learning, e.g., the interpersonal knowledge/ skills like how to perform the patterns of moves, actions, negotiation or interaction in real communications. What’s more, suddenly a word “Jupiter” emerged in the sentence. There was an association popping into teacher’s mind—tropic zodiac. And the teacher just played it by ear and showed students tropic zodiac, which could develop their divergent thinking. And that was the very way of learning English. The Third Part of Class

In advance, a piece of vocabulary had been emailed to every student which based on CET-6(this exam is important to these students of science). They were told to have diction in this class. And it was time to check their homework by a classroom quiz. This is kind of homework and homework is a vital teaching tool, giving students the ability to practice the techniques and skills they learned in class. Homework reinforces the lesson, while helping students develop questions and observations they can ask the teacher later in class. Instructors assign homework as an element of any other teaching method, as it is an effective teaching tool for many class constructs. What I am saying is this procedure really made students feel tension.

After diction, teacher gave them another task to finish after class. The room just became a bustling place. They bargained about the amount of the vocabulary, the...
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