The Ethics of Business Gifts

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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The Ethics of Business Gifts

Gift is a thing that is connected with different emotions and it is a common action nowadays. It is nice to receive positive attention from others, to get know that someone cares about you and that someone has thought about you. Also it is pleasant to say thank you to someone who did something good to you or just show your affection, gratitude to someone by giving something. In both case to receive gratitude and giving it to others, people for many centuries have been using gifts. But it has not the same meaning like hundred years ago. We do not mean the same when we give someone a gift and do not evaluate and realize the same when we receive a gift like thousand years ago. Where the world has come because now in some countries need to pay tax on gifts receive. The attitude to gifts has been changed, but what is the reason? People all over the world are with different traditions, opinions and lifestyles so also the meaning of a gift varies depending on the person who gives or receive it. Giving gifts is a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family, friends and cooperation partners. Why people think differently about gifts? Gift giving and receiving attitude starts in our family, how our parents taught us to react to these actions. There are parents who give their child gifts all the time without any specific reason because they want to show how much they love their child or by compensating something they did not do, thus spoiling the child. Then there are parents who give gifts only when child has done something good, thus rewarding and trying to motivate their child. And also there are parents who do not give presents to their child because they think child should be grateful about the food, clothes and education what they give or maybe parents cannot afford to give presents but it does not mean that parents love their child less. Therefor it is normal that people react and expect attitude from others differently. But do we actually know what gift is? In definition of it is said that the noun gift is something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance. Is that true that a gift is really all the time given voluntary without any influence from the accepted norms of society and the responsibilities? Indeed we always want to give someone a gift from all our heart not because it is according to some duties or proprieties? Also that is not true that nowadays no one deeply inside does not think about certain remuneration or benefit when they give a gift. Also is there still such a thing as a pure gift? No, because we could never truly know whether or not the gift giver's intentions are true. That means that gift can easily become a bribe. In this case what is the dividing line between a gift and a bribe? How can we separate these two things? The gift giving and receiving has also an important role in facilitating business practice. It can help to build a better relationship with suppliers, customers and even with competitors. But when it is correct to receive a gift and when it is too much? Is there any border what kinds of gifts are acceptable and what cannot be given? To determine whether a corporate gift is appropriate, according to British Petrol`s guidelines everyone need to ask certain questions about intent, materiality and frequency, legality, compliance with the other person`s rules, transparency and hypocrisy. Why some people do not want that anyone found out about the gift? These are only few questions what are connected with topic about gifts and the ethic of gifts and I am going to argue about that in my essay. Discussion

Gift receiving is not so easy anymore! Of course it is nice that someone gives you a gift but if you need to pay tax about it, then it is not so likable anymore. In many...
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