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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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“Importance of gifting in India culture and impact of changing lifestyle” A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. (Gandhi, 1920) India is a diversified land marked by innumerable festivals. Although the peoples’ external appearance varies with the different cultures, the spirit of love and sharing remains the same throughout the country. India’s rich traditions and diverse cultures form the perfect occasion for mutually exchanging gifts. A gift is meant to be free. Gifts occupy an essential place in our social life. They help us blend with the people in and across societies. Gifts are the ideal way to express one’s feelings towards each other in today’s eventful world. They form the basis of mutual trust and bonding that people share with one another. Indians are highly accustomed to the variety of festivals and composite family structures. This makes gifting a significant part of Indian culture.  The idea of presenting gifts in India is not new. Infact it dates back to primeval times. Earlier Indians gifted grain, cattle, fabric, pottery and even gold and silver ornaments to their peers and loved ones. The custom of giving gifts is as popular in modern India as well. So what is so special about gifting a gift? Gift is primarily a surrogate for happiness. The happiness runs unparalleled to any in its own ways. Even the person who gifts gets a good feeling about doing something good for someone special. The excitement lies in the moment when the gift is unwrapped, when all the emotions are ready to discover the surprise the gift beholds. It brings utmost satisfaction and happiness to the recipient. The act of gifting is special as it exhibits the values one holds for the recipient and their importance in one’s life. Still waiting for an opportunity to gift something to your peer, a close friend or someone special. presents an easy platform to start gifting to your dear ones on various occasions. Selection of a gift is...
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