The Ethical Issues Coca Cola Needs to Consider in its Operational Activities

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P1 – Describe the ethical issues Coca Cola needs to consider in its operational activities.

Your manager has asked you to prepare briefing papers to explain the ethical issues the client organisation needs to consider in its operational activities (P1)

Understanding Business Ethics| Understanding business ethics|

Business Ethics plays an important role in business today and it can be defined as an examination of how people & institutions should behave in the world of commerce and it Ethics - is the study of the moral obligations and the difference between right and wrong. Ethical values – the standards that are held and are set by a business or individuals that control their behavior.

Business Ethics
Every activity and every profession requires that employees work with the responsibility and must respect not only general, but also the special requirements of professional morality.

Since ancient times it comes to professional morality or professional ethics, emphasizing such things as professional conscience and responsibility, self-esteem and dignity.


Individuals and professionals within Coca-Cola must be ethical in the decisions they make this include:

Respect other workers and managers,
Using appropriate behavior
Perform job competently
Act loyally
Act honestly

Coca-Cola ethical activities

Coca-cola always focuses on making a positive contribution to the community. Coca-cola support a lot of charities, aims to be the beverage industry leader in energy efficiency and climate protection. Also they keep trying to improve bottling plants to safely return to nature and communities an amount of water equivalent to what they use in their beverages and production.

Operational activities

Operational activities are day-to-day actions taken by a firm to achieve its primary purpose to simplify that it is what a business actually does. Coca-cola makes soft drinks and beverage products, factories contain machinery and have people running them, it makes and receives deliveries, people travel to and from the factory. Operational management is very important and that includes controlling how a business works, so that it achieves the aims and objectives which is set by strategic management.

Aims and objectives

An aim is where the business wants to go in the future, its goals. Objectives give the business a clearly defined target. Plans can then be made to achieve these targets.

Without aims and objectives there is no meaning to business, it's the aim and objectives that give meaning to subsequent activities of planning, directing, staffing, organising and controlling.

Coca-cola’s aims and objectives are to:

To refresh the world - in mind, body and spirit by providing the best product that they can to the public in order to create customer satisfaction and ensure that all employees are working to their highest standards.

Coca-Cola also wants to be the best beverage sales and customer service Company and make sure to never let their high standards of quality fail. To create a value and make a difference - everywhere they engage. To inspire moments of optimism - through their brands and actions

Live Our Values
Coca-Cola’s values serves as a compass for their actions and describe how they behave in the world. Values include: Leadership: The courage to shape a better future
Collaboration: Leverage collective genius
Integrity: Be real
Accountability: If it is to be, it's up to me
Passion: Committed in heart and mind
Diversity: As inclusive as our brands
Quality: What we do, we do well

Corporate Responsibility

Coca-Cola manages their corporate responsibility through the Public Policy and Corporate reputation council. Coca-cola also have to review Company policies and practices relating to significant public issues...
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