The Environment Protection

Topics: Recycling, Plastic, Waste container Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: May 11, 2013
This is my writing.

The Environment Protection Being a Cambodian citizens, we should live and die for the nation. I love my country. It is the most profound origin of me, where I am attached to the wind and soil,food,customs,and thoughts. It is where I was born, grow up, and become who I am now. I always hope to bring a significant change to my homeland, converting it to a beautiful country as other countries.

This idea first came to my mind when I was ten years old. Sitting on a chair and looking out of my house, I felt sad for everything around my house because the environment was extremely dirty. Waste such as plastic materials and cans were being thrown on the sidewalk instead of into the rubbish bin. I was very disappointed with them; however, I tried to persuade them to put it into garbage cans by explaining them " the bad effects of the waste. It was useless because they didn't follow me, and they said they didn't believe what I have said. They even justify themselves by telling that many people were doing the same thing but nothing bad happened to them.

One day, while it was raining, I saw a lot of rubbish flooding along the road of my house and smelling so bad, attracting lots of insects which were full of virus. Immediately, I told them "You could see it , and you should have known how bad the effect could be. Then, they said they knew it; furthermore, they promised to throw their rubbish into garbage can.Since that day on, I told myself that in order to protect the environment, all of people have to have a good cooperation together to make our country clean.

Every year, in my school, we have a competition which was related to the environmental protection. I always joined this competition with my friends. Either I or they will win this competition because in this competition we were divided into two groups. We had the same topic, and the topic was "how to make our school and country had a good...
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