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The environment provides life supporting resources and eco systems, quality of life conditions and amenities that are valued by people. Society consumes products and services provided by environmental resources and generates wastes that are disposed of in the environment. The values of individuals and groups within society drive decisions that determine the quality of the environment they live in and depend on.

On the field trip Noel introduced us to the no dig system, which is environment friendly. Essentially, a no-dig garden comprises layers of varying organic matter piled up. This allows the entire area to be accessed without walking on the garden, thus preventing soil compaction, which is detrimental to worm activity and healthy plant growth. The layers of a no-dig garden are similar to those of an efficient, fast-working compost heap. Using such a varied range of organic materials creates high nutrient levels and there should be very few weed seeds. Whereas traditional digging drags weed seeds to the surface, displaces available nutrients and forces good organic matter deeper down, the no-dig method buries weed seeds and retains all the organic matter and resulting nutrients in the plant’s root zone. They work in unison with nature and don’t rely on any chemical intervention, making them suitable for organic gardeners and sustainable food production. Noel has insisted that the greatest benefit is that you can create a healthy, productive vege garden, even on the poorest soil. Summary: as the population grows in numbers we are using more products and goods than ever, which also means waste is doubling. We are the main cause of this waste yet are doing little to nothing to counteract this effect. We are not able to live outside of our environment and must change our mindset to introduce new policies where protecting our environment is at the top of the agenda. We have the knowledge and power to do so but yet it will take a dramatic event...
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