The English and French Cultures

Topics: Social class, Bourgeoisie, Upper class Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: March 16, 2013
The Social of the Nobility in England:

The British divided themselves into three social classes, the lower (working), the middle, and upper classes. Both middle and upper classes always lived in luxurious. But for the lower class, it was different. The poor families, they had a hard time. They had to work very hard and hunger was very common for them. The cities were often crowded and the people had to live in a very dirty environment. Sickness and disease were also very common. The most famous disease was smallpox. Life outside the cities wasn’t any easier. Farmers were often found sharing shelter with his animals not to mention his six to ten children and wife. The homes were made of soil and dirt or even pieces of wood lashed together.

The Social of the Nobility in France:
France is a place of prosperous, even during the 18th century. The nobility at that time cared a lot about the arts and architectures. They would spend a lot of money on fashionable dresses, arts, and architectures. Houses would be elegantly and expensively furnished. There would be many paintings; people would have their portraits painted by fashionable artists. However, it was not only the nobility who would be able to afford luxury goods. Prosperous merchants and artisans would also spend money on luxuries.

Recap of Both:
The nobility mostly lived in luxurious. They enjoyed their lives more than the normal people. Hunting was a popular occupation with the nobility, as was gambling. They would attend balls and enjoy dancing. They enjoyed going to the theatre and the opera. At home, they would read, play cards or board games, and write many letters. Some nobles had intellectual interests, and wrote or dabbled in science or philosophy.
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