Mens Fashion

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  • Published : December 14, 2010
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Men’s Fashion
Men’s Fashion of the 21st century has drastically changed since the Renaissance era. In today’s fashion you would never see men wearing what they wore in the Renaissance era. Some of the designs have carried over to our time, but not very many. The details they would have put on clothing during the Renaissance era, are different from the details they would have put on clothing today. Such as the doublet, the poor point evolved in the fifteenth century into the doublet

The doublet was a very important article of clothing during this time. It was the most common male garment of the century (Annenberg 1). But in time the common shape of men’s clothing would eventually evolve into what it is today. Dragging and slashing was another one of the Renaissance era’s decorative techniques that was used to distinguish and beautify men’s garments (levanter). But as seen in today’s fashion Calvin Kline is a major designer. He created a classic man’s silhouette which was made by using more interesting fabric’s and unique details (Billet 3). Kline has become one of the most common designers worn today.

The shape of men’s clothing evolved from the inverted triangle to a more rectangular silhouette with an Italian shape. Still then several important trends came together in the late fifteenth century to make a real change in the costume styles in Europe (Annenberg 1). After a while there became a rule to men’s clothing. It should not be wrinkled or have any frays, and should always fit properly (Christopher 2). So over time everything changes, even men’s fashion statements.

Wealth and status could be distinguished by the types of clothing people wore. There are many trend setters today as well as in the Renaissance era. One of the trend setters was Phillip III, Duke of Burgundy (Annenberg 2). One of the things that carried over to our time is the wealthiest are always dressed the nicest. In the late middle age the wealthiest members of a royal court...
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