The Element Promethium

Topics: Nuclear fission, Nuclear physics, Radioactive decay Pages: 2 (257 words) Published: December 12, 2012
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“Another example of something good that comes out of something else coming apart...”

Cost = $0.50 per gram

Name of Element: PromethiumOxidation Number(s): Stable at +3, sometimes works with a +2Electron Configuration: [Xe] 4f^5 6s^2Melting Point: 1373 KBoiling Point: 3273 KDensity: 7.23 g/cm^3Color of Element in its Standard Phase: A metallic silverState of Matter at Standard Temperature: SolidPhysical Properties: Member of the Lanthanide Family

Heat of Vaporization: 289 kJ/mol
Molar Volume: 19.95 cm^3/mole
Chemical Properties:
Electronegativity: -1.13 (Pauling), -1.07 (Allrod Ronchow) 9 isotopes
All isotopes are radioactive
Isotopes: 9 isotopes, although none of them are stableWho Discovered Your Element?: J.A. Marinsky, Lawerence Glendenin, and Charles D. CoryellWhat Year Was Your Element Discovered?: 1945What Was Your Element First Used For?: Nuclear powered batteries Provides power for up to 5 years

What Is It Currently Being Used For?: Nuclear batteries, Pacemakers, Light sources for signals Does It Occur Naturally In Nature?: No
Except in trace quantities as a product of spontaneous fission and the alpha decay of Eu^151. How Much Of Your Element Exists?: Unknown because it is a product of fissionHow Is It Created If Made By Humans?: By product of Uranium Fission / Spontaneous FissionIs Your Element Necessary For Humans To Live Healthy Lives?: NoSources: Image From:
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