The Electronic Commerce in Jordan

Topics: Electronic commerce, Jordan, Arabic language Pages: 4 (1614 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The Electronic Commerce in Jordan

Nowadays, the concern about the benefits of Electronic Commerce has increased among the companies and the consumers around the world. The term of Electronic Commerce means ‘any transaction of selling, buying or exchanging of product, service or information via the internet or other computer networks’ [1]. Although the massive usage of E-Commerce around the world, other countries especially the developing countries still have some limitations and challenges to take the full advantages of using this technology. Jordan is one of these developing countries which is in Middle East with 6,000,000 population, but just in 2010 according to (Arab Advisor Group report, September 2010) the number of Jordanian who made online transactions start increasing incredibly from few thousands to 181,000 users which they spend more than 129,000,000 of dollars, and this number continue increasing in 2011 which reached 514,000 Jordanian users with more than 370,000,000 dollars had been spent [2]. Thus, this article will provide the reasons of having low number of Jordanian E-Commerce users before 2010, the reasons of increasing their number since 2010 as well. What is more, this article will provide some recommendations to encourage more Jordanian people to use the E-Commerce.

The limitations of E-Commerce in Jordan before 2010:
There were many issues discouraged Jordanian to make online transactions. One of the main issues is the security and legal issues. Many Jordanian users afraid of E-Fraud or identity theft because this technology it was new for them and for the country itself, and because there were have not any laws or regulations can protect the users if something happened [3]. Moreover, under the security issue Jordanian users did not use the internet to buying or selling because they do not know who they are dealing with. In other words, the lack of knowledge is the second issue because...
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