The Effects Sodium Chloride Has on Pond Water

Topics: Salt, Water, Sodium chloride Pages: 4 (1380 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The Effects Sodium Chloride has on pond water

Ponds are depressions in the ground that fill with water from either run offs or melting snow or rain fall from many different weather changes. There are two types of ponds permanent and temporary. Ponds tend to be much smaller in size and are usually only six to ten feet in depth. This differs from a lake because the size of a lake is much larger and is much deeper. The temperature of a pond is usually the same from top to bottom and is not the same with a lake. The size of a pond allows sunlight to reach the bottom enabling plant life to grow throughout the bottom of the pond. This is not the same with lakes. Plant like tends to grow in shallower water and not so much throughout the entire lake. ( A pond is essential in the life cycle for microorganisms which flourish and consider it a home. Ducks, birds, fish, and insects use ponds for food and/or reproduction. A pond has a greater supply of plants that are used for food which is important in keeping animals alive. Each microorganism found in a pond has a role in helping another out. Birds use a pond for rest and food as they are usually less busy than a lake or larger body of water and have more to offer in the way of food. ( Sodium Chloride is better known as salt. Salt has different uses and is the number one ingredient in brine that is used on dirt roads in the summer time to keep the dust down. It is used on roads in the winter time to decrease the freezing temperature on the roads so ice doesn’t form, creating safer driving conditions. It is also used for natural enhancements in ham and hot dogs, making plastic, softening water, curing animal hides, and photography. (<a href="">Sodium Chloride - Uses</a>) My hypothesis for this project is the sodium chloride being added to...
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