The Effects of Using Physical Punishment to Discipline Children

Topics: Violence, Psychology, Corporal punishment Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Kelli Strand April 15, 2012 ENG 102
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The effects of using physical punishment to discipline children When deciding on how to discipline children you have to ask yourself some questions. Does the discipline stop the behavior? How many times have you received physical punishment for discipline as a kid? How many times have you repeated the bad behavior you received physical punishment for? Physical punishment also known as corporal punishment is defined as a kind of physical punishment that involves the deliberate infliction of pain for the purpose of discipline. Using physical punishment to discipline children devalues the child, it makes children more aggressive, and it also has bad long-term effects.

When parents use physical punishment it devalues the child. The Childs self-image begins with how they perceive that their parents and others perceive them. Children’s perceptions of the parent’s wishes matter, as some misbehavior may be due to lack of parental clarity. When physical punishment is repeated over and over again it sends a message to the child that they are weak and defenseless. Physical punishment also causes a decreased in quality of the parent-child relationship. This is big issue because most physical punishment happens between 5:00PM and bedtime, which comprises the majority of parent-child time together for most children. Kelli Strand April 15, 2012 Devaluing and Humiliating punishment is defined as “any form of offensive, denigrating, devaluing, stigmatizing or mocking, treatment, carried out to raise or educate children and young people, with the aim of disciplining, controlling or changing their behavior”. A child that receives physical punishment becomes...
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