The Effects of Corruption

Topics: Electromagnetism, Magnetic field, Electric current Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: November 20, 2010
-Faraday-  his major contributions were in the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. He explained the basis of magnetic field through his studies on the effects of magnetic field around a conductor which carried Direct Current (DC). In 1831, Faraday made one of his most renowned discoveries, the principle of electromagnetic induction by using the "induction ring". The electricity was generated by means of electromagnetic effect. This was the first version of an electric transformer. He further discovered that magneto electric induction produced electric current on a continuous basis. Through a sliding contact to a disc made of copper, Faraday attached two wires. He rotated the disc between the two poles (north and south) of a horse shoe magnet and found that he obtained a continuous flow of direct current. But when the rotation was stopped, the current generation was also stopped. This was the first step to the discovery of popular devices like electric motor, generator and transformer. -Oersted- In 1820 he arranged in his home a science demonstration to friends and students. He planned to demonstrate the heating of a wire by an electric current, and also to carry out demonstrations of magnetism, for which he provided a compass needle mounted on a wooden stand. While performing his electric demonstration, Hans Christian Oersted noted to his surprise that every time the electric current was switched on, the compass needle moved. He kept quiet and finished the demonstrations, but in the months that followed worked hard trying to make sense out of the new phenomenon. However, Hans Christian Oersted could not explain why. The needle was neither attracted to the wire nor repelled from it. Instead, it tended to stand at right angles. In the end he published his findings without any explanation. -Andre Marie Ampere - felt that if a current in a wire exerted a magnetic force on a compass needle, two such wires also should interact magnetically. In a series of...
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