The Effects of Compliments

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The effects of compliments

It is important for people to live with the compliments. As the American famous writer, Mark Twain said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” Compliments have something in common with the sugar in the course of cooking. You will feel sweet after you eat the food added sugar, and you will have the same touch if you are complimented. Why can compliments show the great influence on people? Everyone has the mind of being valued. When one does something, different people have diverse purposes. Someone wants to earn money, and others may be in pursuit of being praised from your colleagues or leads. But all in all, it is a general thought for people to yearning for compliments. Sometimes giving affirmation will make someone work harder for your company. However, different cultures have different comprehension on the compliments in some occasions, and it leads to different response to compliments. As far as the Chinese culture concerned, compliments always are regarded as flattery. It often makes others feel embarrassed. For example, if you compliment her dress. “What a stunning dress!” The girl from china may respond. “Oh, this old rag!” For an American girl, she may respond, “thank you!” As is mentioned above, we need to show our compliments to different people having different backgrounds of cultures in correct ways. The Art of Exchanging gifts

Since time immemorial gifts have been a part and parcel of human life. At all times in all cultures, presents served to express thanks, to demonstrate wealth, to show submission, or simply to give someone pleasure. Gifts are exchanged on umpteen occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Diwali,New Year and so on. At the right time to choose the right gift is an art. Choosing the right gift will not only make people be happy who had received gifts, but also we can save money. For example, you give gifts to your parents on their birthday or...
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