The Effective Utilization of Marketing Strategy

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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This paper discusses the growing popularity of social media networking as a recruitment tool, and it outlines key considerations that human resources must take when using social networking. (Doherty,2010). Also, discussed is how human resources can brand and package their programs and initiatives to retain employees. (Annett, 2001). Further to the discussion of branding this paper examines employer branding as a potential tool to communicate the value proposition of the employer and how it supersedes their competitors. (Priyadarshi, 2011). Utilizing the eight steps Kotter & Schlesinger mention in their article “Choosing Strategies for Change” the paper demonstrates how marketing can support change effectively. Internal marketing is also explored for its ability to influence corporate culture, specifically through the use of Investors In People (IIP). (Hogg, Carter, Dunne, 1998).

YXZ College has received a gift of five billion dollars, allowing them to expand its student population, curriculum, physical plant, sports programs, and financial aid. This gift will impact and change the colleges’ capacity to serve different members of the community and expand its employee population.

The HR Director has been tasked with analyzing methods of marketing strategies to support the HR responsibilities in advertising and recruiting professionals; to fill the roles created by the expansion of the undergraduate information technology and business programs; the establishment of a men’s football team and a women’s softball team; and building new sports facilities. Advertising Strategy

Technology is all around us; it is used in homes (e.g. PC’s, DVD players, CD players, Wii stations, Xbox stations, iPads, iPhones, etc), in our workplace’s (e.g. PC’s, cell phones, copiers, printers, workplace internet, etc), so it only makes sense that for businesses to “keep up with the times” they must be competitive in their recruiting processes. In order to attract and retain the new generation, which is tech savvy, businesses must make their employer brand stand out from the rest by showing that it is staying up with the times and embracing technology as ways of communicating. (Doherty, 2010). For example, one way to attract and retain top talent is through social media. Considering social media is here to stay, therefore it is important that the college fully understands the potential benefits and pitfalls, so they are able to use the right social networking tools to meet their recruitment needs. (Doherty, 2010). Let’s first look at the benefits associated with social networking. Utilizing social media in an effort to attract top talent is beneficial in that it removes the administrative burden from human resources. (Doherty, 2010) For example, many CV’s are famous for being out of date. People do not have the time to consistently update their CV’s, nor do they ever think about their CV until they either see a job posting that looks interesting or they decide to start beating the pavement for a better employer. People who use social media sites tend to put more personal information about themselves, such as employment history, hobbies, and interests, thus for the employer, this information is likely more accurate thereby more advantageous to use. In addition, a detailed profile can provide a greater insight into a candidates skills and personality, as a CV is not tailored in any particular way. (Doherty, 2010). CV’s normally do not have hobbies and interests; they are more tailored to employment history and education history. When an HR professional is going through stacks of CV’s it is hard to get a good feel for a person from reading their employment and education history. It is quite boring actually, but through social media an HR professional can get a better feel for a person’s personality and review the candidate’s information in seconds rather than several minutes. This alleviates the burden of...
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