The Effect of the Construction of the Reservoir to the Environment

Topics: Salmon, Dam, Flood Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: October 26, 2010
The Effect of The Construction of The Reservoir to the Environment
A very good morning to our lecturer, Mr. Koh, and all my fellow friend. Nowadays, the number of the construction of reservoir is keep increase which the total of the flooding area of the reservoir now is up to 400,000 〖km〗^2. The reasons for the construction of the reservoir had been related to the needs of the consuming of water by the all the people in the world nowadays. The water is used for many reasons such as for drinking, increase the water supply for irrigation and to generate hydroelectric power. Besides that, the damped rivers also being made as one of the destination for tourism like Tasik Kenyir in Terengganu. The process of constructing the reservoir is being made by damping of a river. We always think that these reservoirs will give us a lot of benefit, but how about the negative effect of the existence of this reservoir? Do you know that the construction of this reservoir had given us many bad effects without we really realized about that.

The first effect that I would explain here is about the fragmentation of river ecosystem which occurs when the dam`s water is stop from flowing into the downstream. The blocking will cause the river animal like Salmon and Trout from reaching their spawning area. Salmon is the fish that migrate to the ocean to mature and return back to the lake bed to hatch. Thus, the function of the dam will reduce the reproduction and the number of Salmon species. Although there are an effort to provide the dam with the ‘ladder fish’ to allow fish flow to the downstream but it is not easy to make the fish migrate through dam. Besides that, permanent inundation also can disturb the ecosystem by destroying the habitat of the animal that located at the wetland, and the nearby forest.

Reservoirs sedimentation also can affect the natural of the river downstream. This happened when the sediment of the upstream river cannot flow to the downstream river and...
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