The Effect of New Media on Society

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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The effect of new media on society
These days, media plays a big role in our daily life. Current studies state that the average amount of time that people spend consuming media is 10 hours a day. Most people solely have positive associations when thinking about new media. Personally, I also had mostly the advantages of media in my mind when starting the research for this paper. But after extensive research on this topic, I am hypothesizing that the consistent increase in the usage of media in our society has positive as well as negative effects. One of the advantages of new media is definitely that it allows a fast and easy access of information. Compared to earlier times, it is now much more convenient to get current news in the world. Nowadays, almost everyone has an internet connection. It requires only a few seconds on the smartphone or computer to be informed about the newest information in the world. For instance, if somebody who lived in the time before there were new media, who wanted to know details about occurring events 30 years ago, he would have probably needed to go to a library and search for a long time for the right sources. Today, you can do this within seconds by using search engines on the internet like Google, Bing or other searching engines.

The problem that goes along with the fast and easy access of information is that this also enables for example children to access information that is inappropriate for them. Children can easily access pornographic web sites on the internet. A lot of the times, children access these websites involuntarily by accidentally clicking advertisements or pop-ups on other websites. Consequently, the fast and easy access of information has the downside that children can develop a wrong impression of sexuality which can affect their own sexual development.

At the moment I am personally experiencing one of the positive effects of the new media which is that it enables long-distance communication. Being from...
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