The Effect of Drug Abuse on Students and Others

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The Effect of Drug Abuse on Students and Others
Prakash Chandra Roy 1

Bangladesh with the most populous and poorest countries in the world faces many challenges including drug that has become an issue due to its geographical location, poverty and illiteracy. Although there is no precise figure of the drug dependant people, but is estimated around 4.0 million people mostly youths are dependant to some form of drugs, and increased trend among all kinds of people is alarming. The present study focuses the relationship between drug abuse and criminal activities. The statistical method chosen for this study was Descriptive statistics and we analyze in terms Univariate analysis and Bi-variate Analysis. Drug abuse causes various criminal activities as like theft, burglary, robbery, attempt to suicide, hijacking, shoplifting, in many cases murder, or other antisocial criminal activities. Drug abuse affects the whole society, in a border perspective. It also hampers the social development. Societal development will not be possible if we are not able to make the drug free youth society. The study of The Effect of Drug Abuse on Students and Others will explain the relationship between abusing drugs and getting involved in criminal activities in the students and others of Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Santosh, and Tangail.

Keywords: Drug, Drug Addiction, Effect of Drug abuse, Drug and Crime 1. Graduate Student (M.S.), Department of Criminology and Police Science, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Santosh Tangail-1902.


Introduction and Background
The understanding of the relationship between drug abuse and criminal activities is currently at the heart of criminological research. There is a consistent worry in and by the mass media, communities, parents and the general public at large of the various problems brought about by youth, specially the students who abuse drugs. Drug abuse has been a rising social and economic problem all over the world. The south Asian countries are in front of this crisis. Bangladesh is also facing this problem, a deadly social pathology by affecting rich or poor, young or old, literate or illiterate are affecting by drug. Drug is mite only a problem for individual but also it creates various social problems in individual life, family, community, society and nation. Drug abuse directly influences the economic and social aspects of a country. In Bangladesh it is a growing national concern. There are millions of drug-addicted people in Bangladesh and most of them are young, between the ages of 18 and 30. And they are from all strata of the society. According to the Department of Narcotics Control in Bangladesh, about 100,000 people are involved in drug trafficking in Bangladesh, with a majority based out of the capital Dhaka. Out of the 100,000 people, thirty percent are believed to be women and children. A recent epidemiological survey carried out in the three divisions of Bangladesh shows that the country is going to be transformed into a potential user of drugs with the rapid increase in the number of addicts. For the safety of our people and the society from this deadly game, we have to control illicit drug transportation immediately. Drug is a chemical material associated with different physical and psychological effects. It alters a person’s normal bodily process or functions. But this definition is too broad. In medical sense, a drug is a substance prescribed by a physician or manufactured expressly for the purpose of treating and preventing disease and ailment by its chemical nature and its effect on the structure and function of a living organism. Drug Abuse is the use of illicit drug or misuse of legitimate drug resulting into physical or psychological term. It includes smoking ganja or hashish, taking heroin or cocaine or LSD injection morphine, drinking alcohol, and so forth. It is evident that lack of healthy relationships in family...
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