The Effect of Cell Phones on Health!

Topics: Mobile phone, GSM, Cellular network Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: January 19, 2013
The effect of cell phones on health!
Carrying expensive cell phones in our pocket for pleasure and purposely exposing it in front of our buddy does wonders to our reputation and personality. Everyone adores having a cell phone in this era. Particularly, we youngsters set upon moving with cell phones to schools and colleges. It’s good to be a part of assortments of technological world. But the growing technology is likely to threaten the life of people by giving out detrimental radiations. Yes, the mobile phones which help us to become the big cheese among our mates essentially turn out to be like an arm and a leg when we start getting on various devastating syndromes in our upcoming days due to its hectic use. Today every one owns a cell phone which is rather prominent but its frequent use is not acknowledgeable as frequently counting on such devices could escort to death too. Cell phones emit radiations which is not affordable by our subtle body. The radiations are likely to debacle off our body cells and damage our DNA in laboratory condition; more powerful 3G phones can harm brain functions. Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiations in microwave range which may be harmful to human health. Other wireless phones too emit the harmful rays which straightforwardly break into our head and subsequently, creates aggravated conditions like brain tumor and of course cancer. On the other hand youngsters solely paint the town red and consequently get engrossed from studies by its addicting features. In spite of having at least some knowledge on drawbacks of cell phones people still don’t lessen its use. But instead a single person keeps innumerous mobile phones in use whether it is necessary or not. The habit of using mobile phones recurrently would harm us and others as well. We should not draw on mobile phones at critical public places where it is strictly prohibited like that of hospital especially near Operation Theater as it may also result in death of the...
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