The Effect of an Poverty on Individual

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Technology and its effects on human freedom and happiness in society The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry:Human freedom is the condition of being free from restriction or control. Technology affects the human life in many ways some good like security, speed, ease of communication and easy searching, but sometimes it terrifies the human being and endangers their lives like atomic energy, spreading propaganda, bad effect on our health, weeks our relationships and exploit us morally.

First I will describe you the positive effects of technology on human freedom. Technology gives us freedom to protect our self and for this purpose it provides us with many weapons which provide us security and many more things like bullet and bomb proof glass and cars. This affects our life in a good way because now we are secure from our enemies. Technology provides us with medicines which protect Technological advancements have life more convenient. In the hectic world of modern life, any added convenience makes life easier. One everyday object affected by advancing technology is the telephone. The land-line or home phone allowed people to contact others over great distances. With a telephone businessmen can contact clients, parents can keep in touch with children, all with the touch of a few buttons. However, the home phone is stationary. With a cellular phone people can make phone calls from anywhere at anytime; at home, on the bus, in the library or at school. These days, it is also possible to watch TV, browse the internet, listen to music or play video games, all with a cellular phone. These conveniences are all used through a single from deadly diseases.

Technology made the communication easy which is the very important factor of human freedom. Now we can communicate with the people who are millions miles away from us we can send them our visuals and voice in seconds. We can communicate with the people...
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