Effects of Poverty Outline

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Effects of Poverty

Effects of Poverty

Research Question: What are the effects of poverty on child health and development? I.Prevalence of children in poverty
A.How many children live in low-income and poor families in the US? 1.What is the federal poverty level?
2.What is the number of US families in poverty today?
3.What are the statistics and percentages of low-income and poor children under the age 18 living in the US today? B.Is poverty more prevalent in certain ethnic groups?
1.What are the percentages of families in poverty in different ethnic groups? 2.Do ethnic disparities continue to grow in the US?
3. Are immigrant parents more likely to live below the official US poverty line? C.What are the characteristics of low-income and poor families with children? 1.What are the parents’ education levels?

2.What are the statistics of parents’ employment status?
3.What is the family structure like?
II.What are the health outcomes among poor children?
A.Do women who live in poverty get adequate prenatal care?
1.Studies show newborns born into poverty are more likely to be of low birth rate and to die in the first months of life. 2.They are born addicted to drugs due to the prevalence of drug addition by poor women. 3.Infants are more likely to develop long term health issues due to poor prenatal care by the mother. B.Do infants and children living in poor households more likely to experience nutritional inadequacies and if so what are the long term effects? 1.Research shows that children living in poverty experience substandard nutritional status. 2.Outcomes for infants can range from poor motor skill development to low height and weight for age status. 3.At the other extreme, nutritional inadequacies later in childhood has been associated with obesity. C.Are children from low-income and poor families are more likely to be diagnosed with chronic health problems like asthma? 1.Poverty and childhood asthma

2.What are the...
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