The Effect Cedar Point Has on the Erie County Economy

Topics: Sandusky, Ohio, Tourism, Ohio Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Cedar Point’s Value to Erie County Ohio

Ramona Daniel


Victoria Stewart

Although some people complain about the traffic in the summer, Cedar Point has a positive impact on the economy of Erie County Ohio. Thru tourism, expansion and charitable works they have improved the economy of the area a thousand times over. Each year Cedar Point draws millions of tourists to the area. Those tourists stay in hotels, eat at restaurants and buy souvenirs. “Tourists spent more than $1.75 billion in the county in 2005, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Midwest.” (Cedar Point Infuses Ohio Town with Tourist, 2007). The influx of money helps pay for the year round infrastructure of the county; road repair, building maintenance and employment of the different businesses depend on the tourist money. There are now five indoor waterparks in Erie County. One of them is owned by Cedar Point. These are also big draws for tourists. However, they would not have come to this area without the draw that Cedar Point has already. The first was Great Wolf Lodge, formerly great Bear Lodge. Then it was shortly followed by Kalahari, Rain Water Park, and Maui Sands. Castaway Bay is adjacent to one of the hotels Cedar Point owns. Cedar Point also employs about 400 people year round. That number jumps to about 2500 during the season. All of those people pay taxes to the City of Sandusky, as “The Point” is located within its 14 square mile area. A lot of the seasonal workers are here on temporary work visas and stay at housing provided by the company, but they definitely shop at the local mall and stores. Some people that live in the area complain about the jobs that Cedar Point brings. They are a lot of minimum wage, food service type jobs. They say that the type of jobs needed here are factory jobs. Most of the locals are glad of any jobs in this national economy. A new rollercoaster “The Gatekeeper” is being installed right now....
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