The Educational Management Information System

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The Problem and its Setting
The movement of our nation into a high technology economy demands for a quality education at all levels.
Constitution of 1987 mandates educational institutions to (Article XIV, Sec. 3):
“…inculcate patriotism and nationalism, foster love of humanity,
Respect for human rights, appreciation of the role of national heroes in the historical development of the country, teach the rights and duties
of citizenship, strengthen ethnical and spiritual values, develop moral
character and spiritual and personal discipline, encourage critical and
creative thinking, broaden scientific and technological knowledge and
promote vocational efficiency.”
An implication of the 1987 Constitution asserts the value of education to the individual and society in terms of promoting human and social liberation and development.
Education must develop the potentials of an individual for him to be a worthwhile citizen and contributor for development.
Through proper education, man’s past is preserved, his present is guided, and his future is insured. Hence, failure in education is next to the great fall of man (Quebral, 1997).
From this statement raised several questions: Does education exist with its real essence? Does it work according to its value? Are all educational systems in the Philippines producing graduates who could be a part of national development?

These questions were answered by a well – documented report of the Congressional Commission on Education(EDCOM 1992) which conducted an investigative survey to identify problems that confront the educational system nowadays.

Unfortunately, the EDCOM summarized some of their report with these viewpoints:
“The quality of Philippines education is declining continuously.
“Our elementary and secondary educations are failing to teach the competence the average citizens need to become responsible, productive and self – fulfilling.”
Based on the research of Quebral, 1997 “poor management of our education establishment is one of the cause of the declining quality of education thus, education managers are accountable of everything that is happening now in educational system.” With regard to this problem, EDCOM suggested some efforts to improve basic education in the country. These efforts include: 1. A re – examination of the objectives and curricular content of both elementary and secondary education; 2. A study of teacher qualifications, training recruitment, retention, promotion and benefits 3. A re – examination of the role of administration and the varied role of teachers; and 4. A critical evaluation of the educational structure and its delivery system.

In response to this alarming problem on the quality of education the ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (now DECS) introduce the Educational Management Information System (EMIS for short). The EMIS was organized to help educational administrations improve and promote the delivery of educational services, it is a vital element in the improvement and production of data and information that can be readily retrieved, processed, analyzed and made available for utilization and dissemination (Rex, 1991).

This reason ignited the interest of the researcher to conduct an assessment on EMIS of one of the elementary school to find out if the EMIS really worked for its purpose.

Statement of the Problem

This study primarily aimed at assessing the EMIS of general Luna /central School S.Y. 2012 – 2013. More specifically it ought to answer the following question” I. WHAT is the profile of General Luna Central Elementary School in terms of: A. Pupils/Student MIS

B. Personnel MIS
C. Curriculum MIS
D. Legislation and Control MIS
E. Physical Facilities MIS
F. Finance MIS
G. Community Extension Program MIS
H. Educational Planning Research and Evaluations MIS
II. What is the status of the EMIS of General...
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