The Door in the Wall

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The Door in the Wall
H. G. Wells
The Door in the Wall is a story about Lionel Wallace, the narrator's friend who was shearching for a door he found in his childhood. The door that had led him into enchanted garden of wonderful things and people. The narrator himself says that he doesn't know whether Lionel himself was the possesor of an inestimable privilege or the victim of a fantastic dream. Even in the end, Redmond is not very much convinced in the reality of his story. One of his believes was that Wallace was no more than a victim of the coincidence between a rare but not unprecendented type of hallucination and a careless trap. But Wallace was absolutely convinced in the existence of the Door. To him the Door in the Wall was a real door leading through a real wall to immortal realities. I believe it was his way of escaping from his unhappy childhood. His mother died when he was two and was under the care of a nursery governess. His father gave him little atention and was a stern, pre-occupied lawyer. I presume that because of the lack of attention and affection which he recieved at an early age he strated seeing the green door. I would say that the Door symbolises his allienation, loneliness and misfortune. He created for himself a whole new world where everything was as he wanted to be and where he had everything he needed. '' I forgot the sort of gravitational pull back to the discipline and obedience of home, I forgot all hesitations and fear, forgot discretion, forgot all the intimate realities of this life. I became in a moment a very glad and wonder-happy little boy - in another world. It was a world with a different quality, a warmer, more penetrating and mellower light, with a faint clear gladness in its air, and wisps of sun-touched cloud in the blueness of its sky. After, tall, fair girl lifted me and kissed me, there was no amazement, but only an impression of delightful rightness of being reminded of happy things...
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