The Discrimination Against Women

Topics: Gender, Discrimination Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: March 21, 2012

For many years there has been a discrimination between male and female. From past to
present,it has been going on. Recently, this discimination against women is decreasing,but it is
not enough.In many parts of the society;people have an understanding that men belong to the
society; in contrast; women belong to the family.Moreover, women’s rights and freedoms are
being ignored and the value of women is not known.In other words, people in general play
down women’s claims and limit their rights in several areas.This abridgement of their rights is
not fair definitely. Thus, this discrimination againstwomen should be stopped.
It is clear that the discimination against women in business life is unjust.Firstly, men are
not taking into consideration women’s capacity in business life.However,women have
better communication skills than men. Namely, women can form relationships easily and
can be more effective in this respect as compared with men. Women also have a great
facility in handling and managing a lot of business.In addition to these, women are so
determined and their sense ofresponsibility is strong. If a women wants to do something,
she does it even if she has to contend with hard and complicated difficulties at the cost of
it. Secondly, men are jealous of women’s achievements andthey want to manage women
all the time because they think that theyhave the right to check women.They can not take
any trimming forwomen.To put it in another way,it will be too much annoying fact that a
woman is more successful than a man if we think through men’s eyes.
It is obvious that the discrimination against women in social life is not fair. Firstly,in Turkey
there is too much violence against women.Some of the men behave women badly by using
their biological and...
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