Communication Style of Men and Women

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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Comparison and Contrast Essay
Final Draft
Communication style of men and women

Our world is divided into two genders, male and female. Both of them have their own style of life which is different in all aspects. The main difference and the most common distinction between men and women is how they communicate in life. Men are more effective communicators than women in business setting because men are more straightforward in their talk, faster at making decisions and more confident in their argument.

The first feature I will look at is directness. This feature is important in business setting. Moreover, it is the most common feature that most men have. It makes them clear and also different. Men follow a protocol or standards in their life. They are trying to be honest and straight in their career. In addition, giving their opinions is not too hard for them because as we said they tend to be honest even if they will hurt someone's feelings. Moreover, men do not give any compliment if they disagree. Therefore, in business field men interact and give advice in a direct way to their employees. Such straightforward manner helps avoid problems. On the other hand, women are less straightforward than men. When they are talking and discussing a problem, women often give an irrelevant introduction before get into the main topic. Also as we know that women are good advisors but, sometimes they are trying to be less sincere to avoid hurting someone's feeling even if they know that person is wrong.

Second, decision making is a process or an action to allow a reasonable choice to be made. Moreover, the faster the decision making the more efficient and effective you are. So, we can classify men as a good decision making person who is a quick inference and good analyst. When you put man and a woman in a sudden problem, as a result the man took a fast decision to save the situation. While the woman get confused, nervous and needed time to think so,...
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