The Disadvantages of Using Facebook Among Students

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, Addiction Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: January 9, 2013
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A very good morning to Miss Shirly and my fellow friends. Today, I, Shaatmi Batumalai, will be delivering a speech titled ‘The disadvantages of using the Facebook among students’.

As we all know, today’s world is full of modern technologies, especially in the field of communication. No one can deny the efficiency of these tools, such as Twitter, Skype, Friendster, and so many more. Unfortunately, if wrongly used, these brilliant inventions can also bring disadvantages for its young users. Hence, let me bring your attention again towards the title of my speech, ‘The disadvantages of using the Facebook among students’.

First and foremost I would like to enlighten on the issue of Facebook’s bad influences on students results. Students who are addicted to Facebook tend to lose their concentration on their studies. This is mainly caused by the students’ uncontrolled time spent being on-line. They become too wrapped up with their activities, and fail to complete their school tasks, and finally fail to cope up with their studies.

Next, students are unaware of the company they keep through their accounts. They are fascinated by the activity of chatting with strangers who might appear attractive or interesting. They don’t even realize that, sometimes this may even cause serious problems such as arguments or even gang fights which can damage a student’s peaceful life. 

Last but not least, students may also face health problems with excessive Facebook usage. This makes them to not to have enough sleep. So when they go to school the next morning, they just sleep on their desks and make their teachers to be angry with them. Besides, students may also experience short-sightedness with too much of Facebook.

Based on my opinion, the Facebook is like an addictive drug for its users. It is quite challenging to...
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