The Diffrence Between Men and Women in the Past

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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The passing of time has a lot of effects on women and how they act. It is interesting to look at how time may have changed their personality, interests, and their lives.

In the 1920s, men had a lot of choices in regards to the job he could do; he could do whatever he wanted to. Women did not have that many choices. She could be a homemaker, a cook, or a tailor; women were seen as not needing an advanced education. She needed to learn to read and write and that was about it. Jobs hired men to do heavy work...building houses, making doors, windows and furniture, and a lot of other things that needed a strong body. So, you can imagine what their lifestyle was like. It was hard but so simple at the same time; the man was responsible for collecting the money and the woman was the one who was responsible for raising the children. Unless they were poor and then the woman had to help her husband by working with him as a cook or a tailor.

Nowadays, with all that has changed by technology and machines they do not need the body power. They already had the power and the speed. Now, they want the brain, so they focus on education more. And since they do not want the body power, that helped women in having more choices to work. Technology did not just change the daily work for men and women, it even changed their lifestyles.
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