The Difficulties Faced by Working Mothers

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The Difficulties Faced by Working Mothers
In the past, the man was responsible for all the financial matters and expenses in a traditional family. On the other hand, the woman was responsible to take care of their children although do all the house works. As society has changed the family structure also changed too. Thus, the women help their husbands with financial burden by working. Another reason is today’s women work because they are more independent, more educated than past and they also share equal rights and responsibilities as men. Working mothers faced many difficulties in their life when they decide working after get married. For examples, to maintain the healthier relationship between their husbands, concern about their children and also their health problems.

First, working mothers need to maintain the healthier relationship between their husbands compare to mothers those stay at house. After the long working hours, as the wife they should to organize meals and other works if in their house do not have maids. These make them terribly tired. So, they are spending less time with their husbands. Furthermore, from there create misunderstanding problems between both husband and wife. Finally, these problems end up with divorce if they do not get solution to these problems. According to (Ludovisi, 2011), one of main factor of family breakages is misunderstanding problems between working husband and wife. Moreover, working mothers also need give enough attention to their husbands in term of love to maintain the relationship between their husbands.

Next, the major problem the working mothers faced is more concern about their children than mothers who remain at home. The working mothers must make special arrangements such as day-care centre or a reliable person to take care of their children. Working mothers looking for child care to their children because they want their children be comfortable, safety and healthy according to (Georgia...
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