Working Women in Family and Its Positive & Negative Sides

Topics: Harassment, Woman, Women's suffrage Pages: 19 (3896 words) Published: March 15, 2012
Working Women in Family and its Positive & Negative Sides


Islam Md. Aminul 07-09452-3
Hasan Jahid 08-10778-1
Muntaha, Sidratul 07-08972-2
Bhuiyan md.Jobayer uddin 08-10130-1

American International University- Bangladesh
15th December, 2009


This is our humble attempt to present gratitude in writing this “Report.” We have truly drowned upon our own experience as a student of B.B.A. We have also received help from number of persons in preparation of this report and we would like to thank them all. All the credit should go at first to our honorable faculty M.Hmidul Haque We found complete support throughout our survey from her by giving us direction, guidance, providing sample articles, report & so on. We disturbed him a lot by asking so many questions & visiting frequently on his office hours but he never felt bored even never became disturbed. Our sincere gratitude & heartiest thank goes to all the respondents of different positions, institutions and people of different age groups. We would like to thank all the respondents of AIUB, garment workers of Neat Fashion wear, and ALIC Insurance Company etc. For the secondary data collection, we are very much grateful to the websites related with the topic As an academic requirement of Business communication Subject, we have to make this report. We worked on a very common but complicated & huge issue which is working women in family and its positive and negative sides. At first it was mere an academic requirement to us, but when we started to work through the guideline we acquired so many practical knowledge, courage, interest & sometimes fallen into deep thoughts.

It is a great pleasure for us that we could work properly & gathered different ideas, research methodologies and so on. It was a great opportunity for us to know the real condition in this case. Moreover, we learned how to research and make report. Thanks to the almighty, that we finished the report at last.

Executive Summary

Working of women in family is a common problem throughout the world. Not only on the developing countries but also it is a severe issue on the developed ones. Women are always neglected and hatred in the male dominated societal pattern. From the birth of a girl, the violence starts against her mentally and physically. In the third world countries like Bangladesh women are harassed here in a very large scale. As we eat everyday to live, harassment of working women in family is practiced here like that way very frequently. Mostly in the countries of South East Asia, girls are regarded as a curse and weak and that’s why they are so much deprived and neglected as well as harassed. Working women is regarded as a normal phenomenon in our patriarchal societal pattern of Bangladesh. From the root level to the topmost, women are harassed everywhere. By the primary research and the observation of secondary data we came to know that, working women in family of Bangladesh suffer multiple forms which is including cultural barrier mental & physical violence at home, rape, in work place, eve teasing, miss understanding with Husband, Broken social relationship, financial discrimination at the work place. Our survey and report is named as “A study on working women in family and its negative & positive sides”. In this report we tried to show the condition of working women in our family that how they are harassed domestically and socially on the basis of financial status. We took interview from three different classes of working women (higher, middle & lower) to compare and understand what the overall condition of our society is.

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