The Different Between Vietnam and Uk's

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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For the purpose of comparing the difference between Uk’s education and Vietnam’s, it is useful to consider the teaching styles, workload and the class sizes.With respect to teaching style, it’s completely clear that UK’s education raise the sense of student’s inititive, they give student the right to express their own opinion without fear of punishment. Hence, students be allowed to make individual decisions about the lessons. Furthermore, in England, the school consider student as the centre objects and teacher is the person who help students to promote their ability. As a result, student always interested in learning and they want to attend school in a daily basic. However, in Vietnam, education is different far from England in that in Vietnam, they regard students as not vital as teachers. Sometimes, students feel scared of teacher or even they don’t dare to ask their teacher about the lessons. Hence, student don’t want to go to school and play truant. In terms of workload, the homeworks and the lesson in each subject, in england, are greatly lower than workload in Vietnam. It’s easy to understand the reason for this problem, just due to the subject. In England, Ministry of Education and Training divides students into the programme that they hope to study while, in Vietnam, it’s compulsory for student to learn 12 subjects in a year from Primary school to Highschool. In England, they don’t appreciate the exams as much as in Vietnam. In England, the school always create for students the comfortable enviroment to study. In contrast, the exams usually the fear with almost students.