Difference of Vietnam Veterans

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Difference of Vietnam Veterans
There were approximately 536,100 American soldiers that fought in the Vietnam War, and about 58,220 were killed (Estimated n. pag.); this meant that there were many veterans of the war. The war in Vietnam was different than most, not because of the way it was fought or what it was fought over, it was different because of the veterans. The war created many Vietnamese veterans, and they were different than those of almost every other war. They were different in almost every aspect, therefore setting them apart from all others. The veterans of the Vietnam War were different than the veterans in other wars because the war in Vietnam was highly controversial, the veterans were treated poorly, and many veterans were actually against the war. The Vietnam War differed from many wars due to the controversy of nearly every aspect of the war. During the Vietnam War, it was not only soldiers who were killed during all of the fighting. Yes others besides soldiers were killed in every war fought, but the war in Vietnam War was just greatly more so than nearly every other war. During the war, there were approximately four million civilians and innocent bystanders that were killed (Estimated n. pag.) The American population had minimal knowledge of what was actually happening in Vietnam during the war, so they ended up blaming the soldiers for all of the deaths and wrongdoings. After a short amount of time during the war, the majority of America’s public was actually opposed to the war. The public saw many parts of the war as inhumane and completely unnecessary. Americans were against the war in Vietnam because of the fact that it seemed as though we were getting interfering with a civil war, the U.S. army implemented draft, and the tactics used by the army were frowned upon by the public (Vietnam n. pag.) People can argue that the public was against many other wars, but never to the extent of the war in Vietnam, the public started turning on...
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