The Differences Between State Security and Human Security

Topics: Security, National security, Human security Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: March 17, 2012
State security basically entails the tendency of a nation adhering to its own set of demands in regard to the issue of security policies (Baylis, J.2010, p.233).Traditional security also involves a host of other aspects that are defined by virtue of subordination. Describing the matter further reveals that state security is primarily the protection of available institutions, ethics or values within a nation, and above all human beings living inside its boundaries (Brauch, 2003, 204). State security is therefore judged by virtue of how well a particular state can stop attacks, and at the same time defeat external threats. An example of this is Australia white Defense paper policies that were aim to build Australia’s defense strategies to protect their border for future external threats after seen terrorist attack on America September 2001 followed by other terrorist attack in other part of the World (Department of Defense 2009,p.16). State Security is Australia concerned ensuring the country is freedom from potential attack and to protect their border from asylum seekers. Therefore Defense is essential to secure and manage the country security.

The state remains the main the center of activities and the main player; whereby focus is obviously directed towards national stability. Australia main interest in White Paper Defense is to against the armed attack whether by other states or non state that can destabilize the national border. This has meant that security has been seen as the priority obligation of state governments where they seek their own protection (Baylis, J.2010). This entails the strengthening of military abilities and formulating of avenues that help in building national supremacy (Williams, 2003, 93). Common measures taken by states in enhancing the scope of activities include: equipping its military factions, broadening of logistical capacity, and generally putting strategies in place, in order to check its boundaries. This was include in...
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