The Difference between Early Birds and Night Owls

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Detail the difference between early birds and night owls. Early birds are more likely to be alert in the morning, and they have a chattily, happy attitude, and are easygoing. According breakfast is important to these early birds. Another difference base on that early birds are more alert and productive, in the morning. They make a good comparison of each person, us you read the first morning people are those who instantly wake up a the first sign of light, it is as if they have an alarm clock in their inner self. Second they think differently; they gather knowledge from concrete information, they are logical and literal. Finally in social behavior morning people are more likely to be self-controlled, upstanding in conduct, and respect authority. On other hand owls body is most active and alert during the evening and night; first reason they don’t like sunrise is unpleasant for them, second evening type have imaginative thinking and they are for open ideas. Night people are independent and non-conforming, and the most noticeable difference is they do not likely to listen to authority.
In conclusion early birds and Owls are opposite and they cannot be together. Early birds are always very active and energizing in the early mornings, and they waked with the rise of the sun. Furthermore owls are instantly waked with the rise of the moon. Similarly, but they are opposite of each other. Studies show there may also be differences in personality traits-and no. It is not lazy vs. on-it, “logical and analytical” vs. “intuitive and imaginative. Which are you?
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