The Diamonds as Big as Te Ritz

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the diamond as big as the ritz -

That was all. The wind died along the tall grasses of the valley. The dawn and the day resumed their place in a time, and the risen sun sent hot waves of yellow mist that made its path bright before it. The leaves laughed in the sun, and their laughter shook the trees until each bough was like a girl's school in fairyland. God had refused to accept the bribe.

For another moment John watched the triumph of the day metaphor. Then, turning he saw a flutter of brown down (metaphor) by the lake, then another flutter, then another lexical repetition, like the dance of golden (en - looks like) angels metaphor alighting from the clouds simily. The aeroplanes (old type of airplanes) had come to earth.parallelism Flutter repeated to produce the effect of uncertainty.

John slid off the boulder and ran down the side of the mountain to the clump of trees, where the two girls were awake and waiting for him. Kismine sprang to her feet, the jewels in her pockets jingling onomatopea[detachment to clarify information about the girls], a question on her parted lips, but instinct told John metaphor that there was no time for words. They must get off the mountain without losing a moment metaphor the intensity of the action . He seized a hand of each and in silence they threaded the tree-trunks metaphor, washed with light now and with the rising mist. Behind them from the valley came no sound at all, except the complaint of the peacocks metaphor is used to describe Johns inner state, he was perseptive far away and the pleasant epithet undertone of morning.

When they had gone about half a mile, they avoided the park land and entered a narrow epithet path that led over the next rise of ground metaphor. At the highest point of this they paused and turned around. Their eyes rested metaphor upon the mountainside they had just left--oppressed by some dark sense of tragic impendency. Prolonged metaphor. Detachment -something inevitable is going...
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