The Depictions of War Through Time

Topics: Pablo Picasso, Guernica, Bombing of Guernica Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Sarah Prather
Art 252
The Depictions of War through Time
Works of art have depicted many narratives of war. Most of these images describe the events of war but also in describing the war they also show the general attitudes. Attitudes of this have been changing as wars have advanced from the power of kingdoms to antiwar views. Many of these changes took place as artists started to gain creative freedom. Four images that express the depictions of war through time are an Ancient Greek Amphora dating back to 530 B.C., The Third of May 1808 by Francisco Goya, Guernica by Pablo Picasso and Famine Victim in a Feeding Center by James Nachtwey.

The black figures amphora is an early example of historical narrative. This amphora shows two foot soldiers with spears and shields prepared to battle. They wear the Corinthian helmets that are characterized by the cut outs around the eyes. This amphora dates back to 530 B.C. During this time the depiction of war shows glory and status. This amphora shows the elegant battle scenes the two soldiers poised about to strike. Many amphora’s like this one have afforded great pleasure to an aristocratic class that placed considerable emphasis on military valor and athletic competition. The soldier and his armor was a status symbol of serving ones city. As for the soldier, his armor was expensive equipment was usually paid for by the hoplite, military service became not only a distinction of citizenship, but also a symbol of wealth and social status.

The Third of May 1808 by Francisco Goya is a powerful painting, being painted in 1814, Goya made this in response to the French Occupation of Spain. During this time Madrid’s people resulted in the vicious fighting that slaughtered both sides that lasted for six years. This painting shows the mass execution that Goya probably saw firsthand. In this painting Goya shows the audience the powerful force of history. He shows a Spanish rebel with his arms raised almost as if...
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