The Dell Theory Conflict

Topics: The World Is Flat, 21st century, Globalization Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: December 25, 2011
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This paper will provide you with information about the question that was given for this assignment. You will read about the benefits and disadvantage of Globalization. You will also read about my personal view on the matter and my comments about the writers.

The Dell theory of conflict was created by Thomas Friedman. It states that two countries that are involve in a business together an being a part of the same global supply-chain are less expected to go to war, because they want their business merger to be successful. If a disturbance would occur in that supply chain it would be crucial for both countries. The development of supply chains and the effect they have had on the policies of the Government has brought steadiness to the countries they encounter. Asia, and a great deal of the Middle East, has become more firm because of their involvement with many supply chains, and as a result more involved in achieving good business. On the whole, the price of war is higher than it used to be and countries will have to consider the effect of a war on their position in the business world. Friedman explores both the China-Taiwan relations and India-Pakistan as examples of how the flattening of the world and supply chain have a soothing effect. This causes countries to think realistically about the true cost of war, making diplomatic solution more practical. William Duiker a former History professor and Foreign Service officer disagrees with Friedman’s theory. Duiker isn’t sold on Friedman’s theory; he talks about the trend toward Globalization saying that it may be offset by simultaneous fragmentation. What I gathered from Duiker’s statement is that a business deal can go wrong at any time. Even though countries may be in business with each other we have to anticipate all the factors that can go wrong in a business proposal. He relates this to Globalization and the advantages and disadvantages we are...
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